Way to go!

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Edie and I just returned from the annual AHEAD conference in Seattle. We had a board meeting and elections of board members and officers. Thanks to all those chapter advisors who attended. The support and enthusiasm from our chapters is overwhelming. The week before the AHEAD conference we signed the 61st charter for DAP- Brigham Young University in Utah!

Edie Miller the co-founder and president of DAPi (not pronounced dappy but D A P international) retired from East Stroudsburg University of PA after 24 years of serving students with disabilities and advocating for civil rights. She formed the office of disability services in the 80’s and initiated the first group of delta alpha pi members in the Alpha chapter in 2004. She will be missed but don’t you worry! She is now going to devote more time to DAPi. Watch out for those emails!


Achieving the Goal

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The Goal for DAPi for 2010

50 chapters in half (25) the states

I was very excited last week when the application for DAPi’s 51st chapter came to the office. DAPi has 51 chapters in 25 states. The achievement of getting 51 chapters in 25 states for DAPi within two weeks of our deadline is outstanding.

Thanks to all who sent in their applications since we met at AHEAD in July 2010.

We want to welcome our 50th chapter, University of Missouri and 51st chapter, Rowan University to the DAPi community. Please check our website for updated chapter information.



Goals for DAPi in 2011

60 chapters in 30 states

Enough Funding to start giving a DAPi Scholarship

I would encourage chapter advisors to contact disability service providers at universities in their home state and explain the benefits of starting a chapter of DAPi.

DAPi has 503(C) status as a non-profit organization and we have started a fund for yearly scholarship. We need fundraising ideas and donor appeals.

Thank you for helping us achieve our goal for last year.


DAPi is Growing!

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Since we returned from the AHEAD (Association of Higher Education and Disabilities) Conference in Denver, Delta Alpha Pi International Honor Society has grown by four chapters:

Alpha Tau – South East Missouri State University

Alpha Upsilon – Southeastern Louisiana University

Alpha Phi – Northern Illinois University

Alpha Chi – Hofstra University

 The cofounders, chapter advisors and chapter members would like to welcome new DAPi chapters and members.

This is an exciting time for DAPi. Our goal for 2010 -2011 is to reach 50 chapters. We need 4 more chapters. Get your chapter application in soon so that you can be part of the Alpha Chapters.

Only two more to go: Alpha Psi and Alpha Omega. Will that be your chapter name?

Contact DAPi for more information at dapihonor@msn.com

AHEAD 2010 to Denver!

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Meet DAPi (Delta Alpha Pi International) Honor Society Founders /Board members at the AHEAD (Association of Higher Education and Disability) Conference in July. Edie and I will be at the DAPi booth in the exhibit hall at the conference. AHEAD has graciously sponsored us again this year. Stop by and say HELLO.

DAPi will host the annual board meeting on Thursday, July 15th at the Sheraton Downtown Denver, Plaza Court 4 from 12:30 – 2:00 PM. All board members and chapter advisors are invited to attend. Lunch will be provided by DAPi. Please send your RSVP to us via email by July 9.

While you are at the conference, please support sessions of DAPi chapter schools. After a quick check of the program, the following schools have sessions:

Alpha                         East Stroudsburg University of PA

Nu                               Clemson University

Rho                             Northeastern University

Pi                                 University of South Carolina

Alpha Alpha               Metropolitan State University of Denver

Alpha Beta                  University of New Mexico

Alpha                           University of Pittsburg

Alpha Rho                   University of Connecticut

Alpha Theta                Sonoma State

If I have missed any schools with DAPi chapters, please let me know.

Big News

With the help of one of our DAP Alpha Chapter members, DAPi has a website. Finally!!!!

Please check out our new website at


 This blog will continue with DAPi and chapter news, and a place to share pictures and events.

There has been a change in email address for contacting DAPi, please reset your email with dapihonor@msn.com

As always, the mistakes are all mine.

See you in Denver,

Juli Walton

Wow! And the days just keep on ….

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I can’t believe that the year is already 1/3 of the way along. What happened to this semester? It is flying by.

Delta Alpha Pi International has felt the economic downturn. How? The number of new chapter applications has slowed but …. 2010 is off to a good start.

We are welcoming 4!!!! yes that’s right, four new chapters.

Edie and I would like to welcome Alpha Mu – Lamar University, TX; Alpha Nu – University of North Texas; Alpha Xi – University of Central Florida and Alpha Omicron – University of Texas at Arlington. It seems the word of DAP is spreading in Texas.

 So at last count we have 39 chapters in 20 states. That is a milestone for DAP. Thank you all for your support and continued interest in DAP.

 On another topic, what have you done this semester? Tell us about your initiations, service activities and students. I will add that information to our chapter news page. Are you noticing more of students with disabilities on the Dean’s list?

 The Alpha Chapter held the initiation a few weeks ago. We have added another honorary member to our DAPi roll – Richard Harris, former Ball State University Director of Disability Services and national lecturer. Mr. Harris spoke at the Alpha DAP initiation and a public lecture “Was Polio Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “Log Cabin”?” Richard, thank you for a wonderful presentation!

 And what has your chapter done that you wanted to brag about?

 Back soon,


Welcome Twenty Ten (2010)!

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The Delta Alpha Pi International Honor Society is welcoming the New Year and new decade with anticipation and hopefulness. Whether you call it twenty ten, two thousand ten, two o one o or any variation thereof, this is a time to set goals and resolve to achieve them.

Goals for DAP International Honor Society for 2010 and the new decade

To increase the number of chapters in DAP to 45. Check out the tab labeled steps to form a chapter, contact us for an application and see the process work to increase student awareness and success.

To increase awareness of Delta Alpha Pi International Honor Society through alliances with programs that support students with disabilities.

To join and be recognized by the Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS).

Have an annual DAP board and advisor meeting at AHEAD in Denver, CO in July 2010.

DAP wishes your goals for 2010 are realized! Best Wishes for the year ahead and a fabulous, successful decade.

Hello world!

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Welcome to the Delta Alpha Pi International Honor Society’s Blog. This will keep you up to date on activities, new chapters and initiations of DAP chapters.

Check the About tab to find out what DAP is?